May 30, 2014

Friday Feature- Pelhuaz {Sale}

This week's feature is the lovely Zeide from Pelhuaz. Zeide is not only busy with her daughter, shop and everything else from life, she is also expecting another little peanut in September. Enjoy getting to know Zeide, her business Pelhuaz, and join me in sending happy and easy pregnancy wishes. Please check out her awesome shop and check out the incredible discount code listed below!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
A mom, a wife, a crafter, a entrepreneur, and a Project Manager –that lives in Puerto Rico. 

2. Tell us about your business.
Pelhuaz is my way to express my creative side.  I decided to open Pelhuaz in order to be able to show my creations. 
I like to keep things simple but modern with a bohemian feeling. Nothing pompous, nothing complicated.
I decided to formally start this business, in order to find a place to show all my creations and to help others to feel their best, no matter the budget. Our prices are low and with only $10.00, you can get a complete jewelry set that might include a fabulous necklace with an exquisite bracelet -that will make you shine. We use all type of materials such as sterling silver, nylon threads, Tibetan silver, glass, beads and turquoise. The name Pelhuaz came from my nickname. "Peluda" or "Pelua" is the Spanish word for "Curly Hair Gal" -imagine Merida from Brave. After brainstorming for a name and my fascination with owls (buhos -in Spanish), the name was born. Was something like Pelua + Buho + Zei = Pelhuaz. 

3. When and why did you start your business?
Pelhuaz opened on June 2013 because I wanted to give it a try and see how things go from there.

4. What inspires you?
My girl… I have a 6 years old girl that I love to the moon and back. She's the reason of everything that I do. Also, the current need of becoming a full time mom –as we are expecting another member of the family this September.

Get a 35% off on all items –including the ones on sale using code BABYMOON35 
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May 28, 2014

Organize and Decorate that Craft Room

 This is where all of the magic happens. Welcome to the Baby Moon Boutique sew room! Below, I will share where every awesome decoration is from as well as my organization tips!

We wrap our fabric around comic book boards to store on a book shelf. My fabric scraps are sorted into 2 categories that work for me. The first set of scraps in the basket are large pieces that can be used for a patch work blanket. The next set are small pieces that I may was to applique with and are stored in my Mon-stor (details below). To the left of the bookshelves, I used magnetic metal strips from Ikea to display some of my boys' large pieces of art.

Get organized with this bygel bar storage system from Ikea. There are several different systems; all beautiful yet, this was the most inexpensive.

The bar system also comes with hanging shelves, cups in many colors, and hooks to organize your crafts. I also bought those little jars from Ikea. I use them to store my buttons, rattles, snaps, etc. 

"Do What You Love" sign from Hobby Lobby. I found the best price for a thread holder at Walmart. Then I used ribbon to dress it up.

Just a line of twine and clothes pins to display children's art. I am just as passionate about my boys crafting as I am my own craft. With this display, my boys are always inspiring me.

Pen holder from Office Max. This is where I get to talk and connect with you, my amazing customers and fellow crafters! 

Of course music is an important part of my craft time. I sing and dance while I work. The small vase and flower from Michael's. (handmade items listed below)

And of course I have saved the best for last... the HANDMADE AWESOMENESS!
  1. Burlap pinwheel from Reeves Country Sewing
  2. Magnets from Little House of Crafting
  3. Business Card from Scrawny Girl
  4. Post Card from Lu & Ed
  5. Card from Bugaboo Bear Designs
  6. Mini-Card from Emily McDowell
  7. Stuffed Monster from Lu & Ed
  8. Monstor from Lu & Ed
  9. Shop Handmade pin from Little House of Crafting
  10. Flower pin from Be You Not Them
  11. Ninja peg doll from Landon's Toy Box
  12. Superman peg doll from Landon's Toy Box
  13. Shop Handmade pin from Little House of Crafting
  14. Perry the Penguin from Sugar Crumbs
  15. Crocheted Heart from Sugar Crumbs
  16. Sewing machine necklace from Sassy Lemonade
  17. Shop Indie sign from Krmbal
  18. Burlap flower from Rustic Romance Crafts
  19. Maker art from Crafteroni and Cheese
  20. Sticker from Scrawny Girl
  21. Sticker from Baby Moon Boutique
  22. Sticker from Lu & Ed
  23. Luis the Cactus (my pin cushion) from Sugar Crumbs
  24. Sticker from Sugar Crumbs
  25. Scatter Sunshine sign from Bugaboo Bear Designs
  26. Francis the Pig from Squshies
  27. Little House of Crafting pin from Little House of Crafting
  28. Hoop art from Violet's Buds
  29. This necklace was a gift from a crafty friend over at Sugar Crumbs. They are not for sale in her shop. 

The winner from yesterday's Ispy game is... (drum roll please) Chelsea!

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May 27, 2014

Ispy that Handmade {Game}

Tomorrow I will be sharing my craft room. But before I do, let's play a game. ISPY! How many Handmade items can you find in my craft room?

{To play}
Find as many handmade items as you can in the picture.
Comment with your list of items and their maker.
*I do have multiple items from some makers. Please list every item individually*

The person who can find the most items and knows their maker will win. Entries will be accepted until MIDNIGHT (PST) tonight, May 27. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn via Please no peaking at the comments below. Let's keep this fun!

$15 store credit to Baby Moon Boutique

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May 26, 2014

#MyBeautyIs... {week 14}


Today will be the last post for #mybeautyis. As I look back through the journey I cannot help be incredibly grateful and inspired. I've seen such beautiful pictures of inspiring women post their selfies. Many of us in the same boat with our insecurities. Through #mybeautyis and all of your kind words, I have learned our flaws and differences are exactly what make us beautiful. I have gained confidence and accepted pieces of me that I hadn't before. 
Thank you all who participated and/or left a comment on a #mybeautyis post. Your kindness and bravery has made a difference and yet another reason why YOU are truly beautiful!

Thank you all for joining me on this mission to celebrate the beauty within us!

Written with love to the moon and back,
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May 24, 2014

#HandmadeSaturday- Week 18 {Yellow}

Welcome to #HandmadeSaturday! Handmade Saturday is a great way to find small businesses and browse through some amazing handmade products created by talented artisans. When you buy from handcrafted small business, you not only receive a quality unique product with character, but you are also supporting a thriving individual and/or family. 

 Each week we bring a new theme to share with you. This week's theme is...

Thank you to all who linked your Kawaii/ Cute products last week. Here are the top viewed links.

Please enjoy this week's products and thank you for shopping small!

Handmade Saturday is also a great way to network with fellow crafters/ small business owners! Do you have a product that falls under this week's theme? Please remember to share after you link up whether it be the blog post itself or your fellow artisans's products. To link your Yellow products, please be sure to adhere to the following rules:
  1. You may link up to TWO links.
  2. SHARE #HandmadeSaturday
  3. Products must be handmade
  4. Only products that apply to our weekly theme allowed. All other links will be deleted.
  5. Links must lead to a specific product listing (not to your store's home page)

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May 23, 2014

Friday Feature- Landon's Toy Box {Sale}

Today's feature is the unbelievably talented Holly from Landon's Toy Box. Her peg dolls are skillfully hand painted. The details are truly amazing! I have 2 pegs of my very own and the are awesome! They were shipped fast and she is amazingly sweet! I hope you enjoy learning about Holly and her shop! Below you will also find a discount code for 15% off!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
 Hi, I'm Holly, the heart and mind behind Landon's Toy Box. Landon's Toy Box is a handmade, hand painted, wooden peg doll company that focuses on creating toys as unique as the little ones (or big ones!) receiving them.

2. Tell us about your business. What do you make? What are you all about?
I design primarily in the Waldorf style to promote emotional and imaginative development. The simple faces allow children the ability to project emotion and create new stories time and time again, while the unique body shape encourages hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.

3. When and why did you start your business?
When my son, Landon, was just two, I wanted to make him a set of toys that looked like his family and would engage his imagination. I was never professionally trained in art, but I always loved how paint could transform an object. After a quick trip to the craft store to pick up some wooden pieces and a few hours of painting fun, my first peg family was created and Landon instantly loved them. He would take them everywhere and I began to noticed that other kiddos couldn't keep their hands off of them either! Fast forward a year later, with the support of my family, Landon's Toy Box was born.

4. What inspires you?
My inspiration is most definitely my son, I mean, I did name the shop after him! His creativity drives mine and he is the perfect little "product tester." He has also shown me so many new ways to play with the toys I've created. We use them for playing pieces on board games, line them up for a rousing round of bowling, act out the pages of our favorite books during story time, create rhythmic music with them as drumsticks, and he even falls asleep clutching his favorite "peggified" superhero self!

I'd be happy to offer a 15% off coupon code good through the end of July: BABYMOONLOVE
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May 19, 2014

#MyBeautyIs... {week 13}

accepting that sometimes I make mistakes.

Last weekend I wrote about my ability to multi-task. Well on the flip side, with so much on my plate, I also have to accept that sometimes, I make mistakes. This makes me human. I am proud of my ability to not only accept my mistakes but also take responsibility for them by fixing and/or apologize to those my mistakes effect.
 Last week I was coordinating and getting ready to go camping along with day to day life. In the midst of my planning, I scheduled my usual blog posts such as the Friday Feature and Handmade Saturday. You may have noticed that we are missing links on our Handmade Saturday. I had made an error when scheduling my post. I am terribly sorry! I have now fixed the error and you can add your Kawaii/ Cute themed product links. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you all for joining me on this mission to celebrate the beauty within us!

Written with love to the moon and back,
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