January 30, 2013

Boys vs. Carpet

Heaven forbid you take your eyes of one for more than a second. They become capable of things they never had the ability to do before. As far as I knew, my 3 year old (Cooper) and 18 month old (Brodie) could hardly reach the counter. But that apparently changed overnight. In the last 2 weeks I have had dish soap, milk, and glue dumped on my carpet.
First came the soap. I apparently set on the edge of the counter while I was doing the dishes. I just went to the laundry room to put in a load of laundry in the washer. And by the time I was done, they had squirted the whole bottle all over their playroom. Now you would think soap would be a clean up. Well I have news; it is not! I scrubbed, soaked it up, and shampooed and my carpet is still slightly orange. However a vinegar solution was my savior!
Next came glue. Here I am in awe watching my little angles do arts and crafts. I have to change Brodie's diaper so I put the glue at the very back of the counter. I thought I had learned my lesson and placed it back as far as possible. Again I was wrong. This time Cooper miraculously got the glue off the counter. For all I knew he flew. But at any rate, there was glue all over my dining room. Surprisingly, it was easier to clean than the soap. First you just soak up the glue. Make sure you get up as much as possible. Then when it's dry place a damp towel on the spot and take an iron on a low setting and iron over the towel (this will get more of the glue to come up). Then shampoo. Viola!
Lastly I was sitting on the couch nursing my 3 month old, Jacksen. From over the counter I saw a little hand reach up and the fridge open. I know its Cooper as he is the only one able to reach. I tell him to close it and he listens and I thank him. A second later, Brodie brings me a cap the milk. So I stop feeding Jacksen to go see where this cap came from. The play room was flooded with a gallon milk. When did Cooper reach Hercules status? My 3 year old lifted a gallon of milk out of the door in the fridge. The only trick to milk is to soak is ALL up and then shampoo. You don't want rotting milk in your carpet! So I act fast. I soaked it all up and began shampooing when I hear Cooper and Brodie laughing hysterically (#1 sign of trouble in this house). So I stop to see whats going on to find they have the carpet  shampoo dumped all over my kitchen. My kids are even beyond baby proofing.
Boys are chaos. Before having a boy, I would suggest hard surfaces throughout the house. If not, I hope you find my experiences helpful.

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