April 28, 2014

#MyBeautyIs... {week 10}


For a while I hated my scars and stretchmarks. I felt they made me ugly. But as I look around my house, I cannot help think how blessed I truly am. Three beautiful, smart, lovable little boys came from my body. Each of those stretch marks hold a memory. I can tell you which mark came from which child. That c-section scar; that brought them into this world. 
These scars aren't ugly, they tell a story. And it's an amazing story. Having these boys have taught me to love deeper than I had ever imagined. They taught me to be more patient, to have more fun, that it's ok to get dirty sometimes. I am who I am because of my boys. My scars are beautiful! 

Thank you all for joining me on this mission to celebrate the beauty within us!

Written with love to the moon and back,
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