May 27, 2014

Ispy that Handmade {Game}

Tomorrow I will be sharing my craft room. But before I do, let's play a game. ISPY! How many Handmade items can you find in my craft room?

{To play}
Find as many handmade items as you can in the picture.
Comment with your list of items and their maker.
*I do have multiple items from some makers. Please list every item individually*

The person who can find the most items and knows their maker will win. Entries will be accepted until MIDNIGHT (PST) tonight, May 27. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn via Please no peaking at the comments below. Let's keep this fun!

$15 store credit to Baby Moon Boutique

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  1. Hanging Monstor - Lu & Ed
    Stuffed Monstor - Lu & Ed
    Scatter Sunshine, Leave a Trail Chalkboard Art - Bugaboo Bear Designs
    Penguin - Sugar Crumbs
    Cactus - Sugar Crumbs
    Shop Indie Print - Krmbal
    Blue Framed Art Work - Crafteroni N Cheese
    Pig - Squishies
    Custom Hoop Art - Violet's Buds
    Sticker - Scrawny Girl
    Magnets/Buttons - Little House of Crafting
    Ninja - Me
    Superman - Me
    Lu & Ed Sticker and Sugar Crumbs Sticker on your Machine - made by Scrawny Girl
    Make today Monstrously Awesome Print - Lu & Ed designed by Crafteroni N Cheese
    Hanging Crochet Heart - Sugar Crumbs
    And there's a necklace, but I can't make out the words, so I can't pin point the shop. And if I missed anyone, sorry, I've only had one cup of coffee!!

  2. Pinwheel from Reeves Country Sewing
    Scrawny Girl sticker from Scrawny Girl
    You Rock from Bugaboo Bear Designs
    I see a little moster card from Lu & Ed on the dryer board
    Hanging Monster from Lu & Ed
    Monster on the hanging rod from Lu & Ed
    Penguin on the hanging tod from Sugar Crumbs
    Shop Indie from Krmbal
    Art work of you from Crafteroni and Cheese
    Chalkboard art from Bugaboo Bear Designs
    Sugar crumb sticker on sewing machine
    Cactus from Sugar Crumbs
    2 Peg people from Landon's Toy Box
    Hoop art from Violet's Buds

  3. Pinkwheel- Reeves Country Sewing
    Magnets- Little House of Crafting
    Sticker- Scrawny Girl
    Monster Print- Lu and Ed
    You Rock Card- Bugaboo Bear Designs
    Sewing Necklace- Natalie Lynn Designs
    Indie Print- Krmbal
    Moon Hoop- Violet's Buds
    Monstor- Lu and Ed
    Monster- Lu and Ed
    Penquin- Sugar Crumbs
    Rose- Rustic Romance?
    You Art- Crafteroni and Cheese
    Sunshine Art- Bugaboo Bear Designs
    Pig- Squishees
    Ninja- Landon's Toy Box
    Superman- Landon's Toy Box
    Cactus- Sugar Crumbs
    Pinback Button- Little House of Crafting

  4. Oh I could find them, I just wish I could name the people who made them! Forever & Always Designs

  5. "shop indie" wall art- Krmbal
    maker painting - Crafteroni & Cheese
    blue mon-stor - Lu & Ed
    Penguin amigurumi - Sugar Crumbs
    Crochet heart hanging on "do what you love sign" - Sugar Crumbs
    Cactus amigurumi - Sugar Crumbs
    Pin on blue mon-stor- Little House of Crafting
    crochet flower on blue mon-stor - Rebel Skein
    Scrawny Girl sticker on white board - Scrawny Girl
    Flower on Crafteroni painting - Violet's Buds
    Little Orange monster - Lu & Ed
    Monster sticker on sewing machine - Lu & Ed, designed by Scrawny Girl
    Sugar crumbs sticker on sewing machine - Sugar crumbs, designed by Scrawny Girl
    Hoop art - Violet's Buds
    "scatter sunshine" wall art - Bugaboo Bear Designs
    "You rock" card on white board - Bugaboo Bear Designs
    "Monstrously awesome card/print" - lu & ed, designed by Scrawny Girl
    Ninja peg doll - landon's Toy Box
    Superhero peg doll - Landon's Toy Box
    Magnets on white board - Little House of Crafting
    Shop handmade pin on sugar crumbs penguin - Little House of Crafting
    Eifel Tower necklace - Pelhuaz?
    Little House of Crafting pin on metal hanger - Little House of crafting
    Felt pig - Squishies
    necklace with scissors - Pelhuaz?
    scrawny girl sticker on white machine on desk - Scrawny Girl
    BabyMoon sticker on sewing machine - Baby moon boutique, designed by Scrawny Girl?
    Pin wheel on white board - Reeves country sewing
    round necklace hanging off metal rack - ?

  6. 2 girl stickers from Scrawny Girl (one on the whiteboard and one on the white thing on the table)
    Moon Sticker, bear sticker on sewing machine, from scrawny Girl?
    Monster Mini card- Lu & Ed
    Orange monster- Lu & Ed
    Blue monster hanging- Lu & Ed
    Monster sticker on sewing machine- Lu & Ed
    You Rock card and Sunshine Chalkboard Art- Bugaboo Bear Designs
    Penguin, hanging heart, cactus- Sugar Crumbs
    Shop Indie print- Krmbalclothing
    Ninja, Superhero peg people- Landons toy box
    Girl painting- Crafteroni & Cheese
    Custom moon and stars hoop- Violets Buds