May 28, 2014

Organize and Decorate that Craft Room

 This is where all of the magic happens. Welcome to the Baby Moon Boutique sew room! Below, I will share where every awesome decoration is from as well as my organization tips!

We wrap our fabric around comic book boards to store on a book shelf. My fabric scraps are sorted into 2 categories that work for me. The first set of scraps in the basket are large pieces that can be used for a patch work blanket. The next set are small pieces that I may was to applique with and are stored in my Mon-stor (details below). To the left of the bookshelves, I used magnetic metal strips from Ikea to display some of my boys' large pieces of art.

Get organized with this bygel bar storage system from Ikea. There are several different systems; all beautiful yet, this was the most inexpensive.

The bar system also comes with hanging shelves, cups in many colors, and hooks to organize your crafts. I also bought those little jars from Ikea. I use them to store my buttons, rattles, snaps, etc. 

"Do What You Love" sign from Hobby Lobby. I found the best price for a thread holder at Walmart. Then I used ribbon to dress it up.

Just a line of twine and clothes pins to display children's art. I am just as passionate about my boys crafting as I am my own craft. With this display, my boys are always inspiring me.

Pen holder from Office Max. This is where I get to talk and connect with you, my amazing customers and fellow crafters! 

Of course music is an important part of my craft time. I sing and dance while I work. The small vase and flower from Michael's. (handmade items listed below)

And of course I have saved the best for last... the HANDMADE AWESOMENESS!
  1. Burlap pinwheel from Reeves Country Sewing
  2. Magnets from Little House of Crafting
  3. Business Card from Scrawny Girl
  4. Post Card from Lu & Ed
  5. Card from Bugaboo Bear Designs
  6. Mini-Card from Emily McDowell
  7. Stuffed Monster from Lu & Ed
  8. Monstor from Lu & Ed
  9. Shop Handmade pin from Little House of Crafting
  10. Flower pin from Be You Not Them
  11. Ninja peg doll from Landon's Toy Box
  12. Superman peg doll from Landon's Toy Box
  13. Shop Handmade pin from Little House of Crafting
  14. Perry the Penguin from Sugar Crumbs
  15. Crocheted Heart from Sugar Crumbs
  16. Sewing machine necklace from Sassy Lemonade
  17. Shop Indie sign from Krmbal
  18. Burlap flower from Rustic Romance Crafts
  19. Maker art from Crafteroni and Cheese
  20. Sticker from Scrawny Girl
  21. Sticker from Baby Moon Boutique
  22. Sticker from Lu & Ed
  23. Luis the Cactus (my pin cushion) from Sugar Crumbs
  24. Sticker from Sugar Crumbs
  25. Scatter Sunshine sign from Bugaboo Bear Designs
  26. Francis the Pig from Squshies
  27. Little House of Crafting pin from Little House of Crafting
  28. Hoop art from Violet's Buds
  29. This necklace was a gift from a crafty friend over at Sugar Crumbs. They are not for sale in her shop. 

The winner from yesterday's Ispy game is... (drum roll please) Chelsea!

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  1. looks great!! I am working on building my craft room in our basement right now...drywall is next....can't wait for it to be finished!!! Love all the handmade stuff in your space!!!

    1. Thank you Jaclyn. It was a fun slow process. But oh so fun!